6 Inch Monster Odor-Free Bully Sticks

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Let your dog chew to their heart's content with our monster bully sticks! With more to gnaw and snack on, these 100% all-natural beef sticks let your pet indulge in never-ending snacking and chewing fun. You can use these tasty bully sticks to help keep your precious pooch away from non-chewables and providing them with a more nutritious option.

Each bully stick is made from high-quality, free-range cattle from Brazil. These high-protein chew sticks will satisfy your dog's chewing urges and are easy to eat and digest. The more your pet chews on these sticks, the better their oral health will be since these jumbo bully sticks help prevent tartar and plaque buildup. Reward your furry friend with these delightful treats! Great for smaller dogs to chew on (Larger dogs: consider 12 inch monster bully sticks)

  • Long-lasting chewing solution that will keep your dog satisfied for hours
  • Thicker size for even more chewing potential for your dog
  • Tasty dog treat made from 100% free-range Brazilian cattle beef
  • Helps prevent plaque and tartar buildup for better dental health
  • An all-natural pet product that's safe to eat and digest - no hormones, chemicals, additives or preservatives used!
  • Healthy, high-protein treat that gives your dog a dose of nutrition while they snack on the sticks

How are these bully sticks odor-free?:
The odor that comes from most bully sticks is due to moisture, which means that these bully sticks haven't been dried enough to remove all moisture. Odor-free bully sticks are dried longer to remove the moisture in the sticks, ultimately eliminating the smell. Our odor-free bully sticks are made with all-natural, free-range beef and require no chemicals, hormones or preservatives in the process.

Feeding Instructions: Should be given in moderation and should not make up a majority of your pet's diet.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place.

Origin: Brazil

Safety Warning: Please supervise your pet when giving any treat or chew toy. Remove any small or broken pieces to prevent a chocking hazard. Please be mindful of your dog's age and health when selecting chews, treats or any other products. Not for human consumption.


Bully Stick Size
Every bully stick is different. The width may vary based on the weight and density of the stick. Sizing is based on the average weight in grams.
Tip: For longer chew times, opt for a a Thick or Jumbo size.
Size Average Weight (Grams)
6" Thin 10
6" Standard 20
6" Thick 30
6" Jumbo 40
6" Monster 50



Our bully sticks are made from free-Range, grass-fed South American cattle.

No additives

Nothing Added

No hormones are ever used on the cattle, and chemicals or additives are never used to produce our bully sticks.

Fully Digestible

100% Digestible

Made fromm 100% Bull Pizzle.

Full of Protein

High Protein

A 100% beef treat thats at least 80% protein..

Great for teeth

Great For Teeth

A bully stick + a dogs natural chewing action helps eliminate plaque and tartar.



Each bully stick is dried for longer periods of time, which reduces moisture content, thus making them virtually odor-free. There's no such thing as an odor-free bully stick, but we get pretty close.

When in contact with moisture, including dog's saliva, some natural bully stick smell may return.

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