What are the benefits of bully sticks?

Rich in Protein and Low-Fat Snack for Dogs

They are fantastic everyday treats that are packed with healthy benefits for your dog. These delicious treats are made from 100% beef, so they’re full of protein, an essential nutrient that all dogs need. Protein-rich, low-fat snacks like provide the nutrients that dogs need to support everyday body functions and help keep their body strong and healthy.

Better Dental Hygiene

Another benefit that bully sticks provide is better dental health. They encourage better chewing habits, and they help reduce the plaque and tartar between your canine’s teeth, which ultimately help freshen their breath and reduce the risk of bacterial infections. Also, gnawing on these treat sticks help massage and strengthen the gums to prevent bleeding and tooth decay.

Safe to Eat and 100% Digestible

A healthier alternative to most chew treats and toys, our dog chews are made with a single ingredient (beef) and are free of hormones, chemicals, preservatives, and other harmful ingredients that can be found in other dog snacks like rawhide. Chew toys don’t have the irresistible taste of thick bully sticks, so these delicious and nutritious chew treats are a much better option.

Encourages Better Chewing Habits

If your dog tends to chew on carpet, shoes or other items, this can lead to negative chewing habits that your dog will develop if a better solution is not given to them. That’s where bully sticks and other chew treats come in. Odor-free bully sticks are irresistibly tasty, and the texture is also something dogs love. Training your dog to stay away from other items they tend to chew will help keep your belongings from being torn apart by your pet.