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Bully Sticks for Dogs

Whatever the breed may be, its no secret dogs love bully sticks and we have a wide collection to keep your pup happy, healthy and engaged. From thin to thick, 4 inch to 12 inch, you can find the right chew for your pet. Made from 100% beef, bully sticks help keep your dog engaged and relives the instinctual urge to chew. That chewing action helps remove plaque and tartar buildup while providing a save alternative to rawhide and bones. Nutritious and long-lasting, its surely to be a favorite for your dog too.

Odor Free & Naturally Scented

They say a dog's sense of smell is 40 times greater than a humans and love to sniff everything and everyone. So its a no-brainer that they love naturally scented bully sticks. The odor comes from the drying process. Sticks that aren't dried as long, retain more moisture and have a more "natural" scent. Us humans however, could do without that smell, so thats why we offer odor-free bully sticks that are dried just a bit longer.

A Size for Every Dog

From Chihuahuas to Great Danes, we have a size that fits every dog. Bully stick canes are cut from lengths of 4" to as large as 18". To prevent the possibility of chocking, we recommend you purchase longer size for your dog.

Different Shapes

Keep your pup engaged with different types of bully sticks. Sure the straight sticks may be fine, but sometimes you need the occasional ring or spiral. For a more cheafty chew, consider a braid which combines 3 sticks into 1.

Light to Aggressive Chewers

It's no secret dogs love to chew. Whether its our shoes, the couch or just about anything really. We have bully sticks for all ranges, from the light chewers such as chihuahuas, dachshunds, and french bulldogs to the more aggressive chewer breeds like pitbulls, rottweilers and german shepherds. We offer something for both as well as chewers in between. Choose from thin, standard, thick, jumbo and monster size bully sticks.

You can review our Bully Stick Guide for more information.


What are bully sticks?

Bully sticks are a natural dog treat made from beef specifically the pizzle of the bull, aka, the penis. Often referred to as pizzle sticks also, which are bully sticks made from a castrated bull. They can also be made from water buffalo, mostly in regions such as India or Bangladesh.

What are the benefits of bully sticks?

Bully sticks have numerous benefits. They are rich in protein, help remove plaque and tartar and encourage better chewing habits to name a few. They dont splinter like bones and can help a dog relieve anxiety.

Why do bully sticks smell?

Bully stick smell comes from the drying process. Sticks that are not dried long enough will retain moisture and emit that natural odor.

Do all bully sticks smell?

No. Bully sticks that are dried for a longer period of time contain less odor or are referred to as odor-free.

Tips for less odor:
  1. Allow your dog to chew a bully stick outside
  2. Opt for higher quality bully sticks. They may cost more, but your nose will thank you for it.
  3. Avoid bully sticks made in Bangladesh or India. They dont dry them as well.
  4. Shop odor-free bully sticks (see below)

Shop Odor-Free Bully Sticks

Are bully sticks good for dogs?

Chewing on a bully stick helps remove plaque and tartar. They are 100% digestible and offer a way for a dog to learn proper chewing habits and release anxiety.

Can I give my dog a bully stick every day?

Yes they can be given one stick a day. We don't recommend feeding more frequently as they are high in protein.

Are bully sticks safe?

Yes, bully sticks are 100% digestible and safe. Bully sticks may present a choking hazard if they are too small. We recommend throwing them away when they get too small in size in relation to your dog's size. Opt odor-free bully sticks as low-odor sticks retain more moisture which have a higher change of harboring bacteria.

Are bully sticks good for puppies?

If you have a puppy that's been going on a chewing rampage, bully sticks are a great solution to help satisfy your puppy's chewing urges. You can use these chew treats to keep your puppy entertained and help with teething.

It's advised that you should supervise your puppy when they chew any dog chew or treat. The stick can become too small in size, and your pup can accidentally swallow it, which can lead to choking.

Start with smaller sticks for your puppy, such as 6” odor-free bully sticks that we offer

How do you make a bully stick last longer?

We recommend purchasing a bully stick holder such as the Qwizl

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