Bully Sticks

Your dog's favorite treats come in all shapes and sizes.

  • All-Natural from Grass Fed Cattle
  • No hormones, pesticides or chemicals
  • Helps promote healthy chewing habits

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2 Results

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What Are Bully Sticks, Anyway?

Bully sticks are dog treats which are one hundred percent beef. They are made from the penises of bulls. Some people call the penises of bulls "pizzles" and they may refer to bully sticks as "pizzle sticks". There are references to "bull pizzles" in literature which date back to 1523. For centuries, people have been using the penises of bulls for an array of purposes, just like they use other parts of the animal.

Bully sticks have been around for a very long time! While bull pizzles were initially used in order to coat whips, they've been used as dog chews for at least the last hundred years.

No matter what you call them, these types of "old school" dog treats are natural and safe for canines. During processing, the penis of a bull is dried and stretched. Then, it's cut into sections and each section becomes an all-natural bully stick. Since these edible dog treats aren't made from non-food items, they are great choices for dogs who want something satisfying to chew on.

While some online retailers are very quiet about what their bully sticks are made from, we prefer to give you the inside scoop. The truth is that bully sticks are a good choice for dogs. The natural diet of dogs is meat and vegetables. Billy sticks are made from beef and this is a big component of what canines need in their daily diets. Billy sticks contain protein and taurine (an amino acid), both of which are essential to canine health.

The "pizzle" of a bull is composed of muscle. It's very much the same as the ingredients in dog jerky or beef tendon straps. So, if you're interested in buying bully sticks for your beloved pooch for the first time, and you've purchased dog jerky or beef tendon straps in the past, you'll getting the same type of ingredient purity.

Our bully sticks are low-calorie, long-lasting chews. They make dogs happy without harming their health. This is why we're so proud of our bully stick inventory...and so open about what bully sticks are and how they are made.

Are Bully Sticks Better Than Rawhide?

We think so. After all, bully sticks are just as long-lasting as rawhide. However, they don't present the same choking hazard that rawhide dog chews do! That’s because they are 100% digestible by dogs regardless of their breed or size. They are safer choices and just as much fun to chew!

Our bully sticks come in a variety of styles, from low-odor to odor-free to special shapes. We offer all of the options that our customers need. No matter which style you order, you'll find that our bully sticks help to prevent tartar buildup. They promote healthy canine gums and teeth!

Now that you know more about our selection of bully sticks, we encourage you to order your favorites today. When you do, we'll back up what we sell with caring customer service. As well, we think that you'll love our competitive bully stick prices.