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Made with all natural chicken breast, this chicken jerky is the perfect dog treat. First we use only all-natural chicken breasts from chickens hatched and raised in the US. We hand slice chicken breast in long thin strips and place them in our commercial dehydrator for hours. The result, thin, crispy chicken strips you can easily break off and give to your dog. A healthy high protein and low fat treat dogs really love. Our chicken jerky does not include any added hormones, preservatives or additives.

  • Single ingredient treat
  • High protein, low fat
  • All-natural chicken breast
  • Made from chickens hatched and raised in the USA
  • Hand sliced, small batch
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is chicken jerky safe for dogs?

Yes, chicken jerky is absolutely safe for dogs as long as its been dried properly in a commercial oven or dehydrator.

Can I dehydrate chicken for my dogs?

Probably, but from our experience its just best to leave it to the experts. Us. Chicken jerky will require you to have a dehydrator that can safely bring up the temperature to kill pathogens.

How many calories does chicken jerky have for dogs?

Chicken jerky has about 27.5 kcal per strip. You can easily break it into multiple pieces and feed your dog in moderation

Is chicken jerky healthy?

Absolutely. It's the perfect healthy treat with very little fat. High protein treats should be given in moderation with a well balanced diet.

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