Cow Hooves for Dogs

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Every pet owner knows dogs love to chew, thats a fact just look at your shoes. These cow hooves are nutritious treats made from cattle raised with zero added
hormones, steroids or antibiotics. High in protein and low in fat help promote a healthy diet. A dog’s natural chewing actionalso helps scrape away tartar and plaque for health teeth and a killer smile. There are no additives, fillers or preservatives, so it’s a safe, healthy alternative to standard dog treats. 

Why Choose our Cow Hooves?

  • All-natural pet treat made from cattle with zero added hormones, steroids, preservatives, antibiotics or chemicals
  • A great alternative to rawhide
  • Add peanut butter to make an extra special treat
  • Contains amount of collagen, which helps support joint function
  • Helps keep your dog's teeth clean and promotes better oral health

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