What Are Bully Sticks?

Bully sticks are popular dog treats that are commonly used to help satisfy a dog’s chewing urges. Many pet owners use these tasty treat sticks to help improve their pet’s chewing habits and to give them better dog snacks.

So what are bully sticks made of?

Bully Sticks are made from 100% beef or bovine, usually free of hormones, additives, and other harmful ingredients that you may find in other dog treats such as rawhide. These chew treats are typically made from a single ingredient: beef pizzle. Beef pizzle is another way to say bull’s penis. Although this may be a shocking fact, many dog chews like bully sticks are made from the remnants of a bull or cattle; for example, gullet sticks are made from a cattle’s esophagus. But don’t worry! Since your dogs will eagerly eat these bully sticks, which are full of healthy nutrients, they won’t be put off by the ingredient used.