Why are bully sticks so expensive?

There are many factors that determine the cost of bully sticks.

Since bully stick is from an animal, the raw material cost will determine the final price of a bully stick. Also the fact that a bull only has one penis, quality and availability is limited.

Bully sticks are arguably the most popular natural chew for dogs. More and more pet owners are purchasing bully sticks and therefore driving up the demand. With only so many to go around, buyers are willing to pay more to be able to service their customers and thereby increasing the price.

Higher raw-material quality. Think grass-fed, free-range vs just natural beef.

To make an odor-free bully stick, a pizzle must be dried for longer periods of time, thereby reducing a factory's ability to increase production since over space is limited. Increasing labor costs and the time it takes to prepare a stick for drying is also a factor. Add on the costs or government regulations, lab/vet testing (for salmonella, etc..) and the manufacturing costs can go higher.

All of these determine how the price of a bully stick is affected. You can see why bully sticks are as expensive as they are. Sadly, price of a bully stick will most likely increase in the future.

Are you looking for cheap bully sticks? You might be doing more harm to your dog, than for the good of your wallet.

There are cheaper bully sticks. But they probably smell because they have not been dried enough, come from cattle that has been raised in a cage or has not been made in an inspected and regulated manufacturing facility.

If you are looking for quality bully sticks at a fair price, see our collection of bully sticks for dogs.


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