Why do some bully sticks smell?

Bully stick smell comes from the drying process

In order to make these bully sticks from bull?s pizzle (penis), the pizzle is cleaned thoroughly and hanged to let excess body excretions like semen and urine drip away. Then, the drying process begins, which is how the bully sticks become officially formed into dry, hard chew sticks that dogs love. Some manufacturers either use conventional ovens while others use industrial fans to dry bull pizzles.

The main difference between low odor and odor-free is the length of the drying process. Odor-free bully sticks have been dried longer as well as cleaned more thoroughly to help completely eliminate the stenchy odor that bully sticks are known for. Odor-free sticks are a much better pick since you don?t have to worry about the scent lingering on your pet or anywhere in your home.

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