Why do bully sticks smell?

Bully stick smell comes from the drying process.

In order to make these bully sticks from bull's pizzle (penis), the pizzle is cleaned thoroughly and hanged to let excess moisture drip away. Then, the drying process begins, which is how the bully sticks become officially formed into dry, hard chew sticks that dogs love. Some manufacturers either use conventional ovens while others use industrial fans to dry bull pizzles.

Do all bully sticks smell?

The answer is no. Bully sticks that are dried for a longer period of time contain less odor or are referred to as odor-free. Those that have also been cleaned more thoroughly and rid of that excess moisture will also contain no odor.

Although a bully stick is labeled as "odor-free", a mild scent may return once a dog starts to chew. this is due to the combination of the dog's saliva and the chewing action.

Tips for less odor:
  • Allow your dog to chew a bully stick outside
  • Opt for higher quality bully sticks. They may cost more, but your nose will thank you for it.
  • Avoid bully sticks made in Bangladesh or India. They dont dry them as well.
  • Shop odor-free bully sticks (see below)

  • Shop Odor-Free bully Sticks